Iowa ASCD seeks to provide multiple resources for you.  These include the following.

Advocacy and Influence  

We all want to advocate for students and their learning.  Use this site for access to your legislators as well as talking points that will help you advocate in a responsible and focused format.

Subject-Specific Content 

You are the experts!  Share with us the web sites that are important to your content area.  We have started with five - now let us know the ones we should add so this is your connection to learning in your content area.

Approaches to Learning  

This area addresses how educators assure the learning - through various pedagogy approaches and/or supports.  Take a look - and, again, you are the experts.  Please let us know other areas important to you and your work and connections that help you do the work in that area.

Role-Specific Content

All of us have different and often multiple roles in supporting the learning of Iowa students.  Access resources here especially for your roles in learning and education.

Must Read  

We want you to be current on the research and discussion in education.


This page was updated on January 25, 2021.